I’d Love Your Guest Post!

What do you go to? I’m interested in how you get ready for it.

If you’d like to share it with me and my readers, there’s not a ton we need, but a little.

Mostly, we need one or more photos showing how you get ready to go. Anything from what you pack to what you don’t take that you normally carry. A photo of you meditating, steeling yourself, or dying your hair appropriate colors. Whatever!

Secondly, we need a short-ish post on what’s going on in the photo. Why are those tools important where you’re going or on your journey? Why does your hair need to be zebra-striped? While the rules are not hard and fast, anything under about 750 words is probably great for this site.

Please keep it safe for work in the photos. Some cursing in your writing is fine; I do it regularly and can’t see that stopping. That said, let’s you and me both try to keep it on the light side.

Thanks! I’m looking forward to reading about how you get ready to go.

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