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What Would YOU Give to Help Someone Get Ready to Go?

One of my friends, I think Jen, asked me if I was going to write a gift guide here, as she liked the two I did over on MetaCookbook. I have to admit it hadn’t crossed my mind. It’s not that I don’t have ideas for useful things for travel (lots of this blog is about that!) but that I rarely give gifts out of this category.

Bill and I have, many times, given someone an Aeropress Coffee Maker, but I think that is literally it in “travel”. We have, once, received some very short extension cables that have honestly made our lives easier both at home and while traveling, and I’d give them away at this point, if I knew someone else could make good use of them. However, beyond that, I’m at a bit of a loss.

A close up of an Aeropress.

So, after pondering the request for awhile, I realized I should just ask if you have recommendations!

What’s one travel-related item you’d love to give or receive?

Big or small, it doesn’t matter. I’m very curious what you find endlessly useful enough (like we do the Aeropress) to give to someone else when it’s relevant. I’m going to be taking notes, and thinking more about this for next year.

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  1. Lydia Tripp

    Traffic enabled GPS and a mount for that device. That is probably the only thing we would turn around the car and head back to pick up at this point. Just about everything else, we can get at the local mega mart on our way (if necessary) or at our destination (if necessary).

    • Tasha

      You know, that’s a great idea! When I first moved to Chicago in 2007, my folks gave me a GPS for Christmas, because I kept getting lost and calling them to look up directions for me. It was so dang helpful, even for just someone who walked all the time.

      I use my phone for that now, but the mount Bill recently got for the car is SO nice.

      Thanks, Lydia!

  2. Jen

    It depends entirely on the form of travel, but if it’s my family in the car for hours, as it so often is, I recommend a Trivial Pursuit-style game with trivia questions for the non-driver to read out loud. When we’re tired of music and podcasts make us sleepy, I break out the question cards and get started. No points or anything, just a way to start discussions. The “would you rather” board game was fun for that too. I know you can do that without the help of cards, but I liked not having to think anything up.

    Also, I don’t know if I can link it here but we needed sun shades for the back windows, since the kiddo hates the sun, but none of the stick-on ones worked well. I found ones that stretch right over the top of the car door like a giant sock, and they are AMAZING. So I recommend those if you’ve got kids in the backseat who scream every time the sun gets in their eyes.

    • Tasha

      Sock window covers? Tell me more!

      Also, I love the idea of those kind of trivia games. I come up with my own questions from time to time, but a good friend hates when I as “what’s your third favorite X?” and Bill gets tired of the fact that I am out of questions half the time.

  3. Krysti

    I always remember to bring things that enhance down time. For me this means to load up on ebooks and podcasts before heading out on a trip. Being out of a normal routine is taxing for me, but taking time for myself will ensure I am ready to take on a new day of non-routine.

    The purpose is to take a break from feeling “on”, so I bring light fiction or things that I’ve wanted to read a second time. I also bring a small reading light (well, my camping headlamp) to read by before bed if I know my destination bedroom only has a ceiling light. I bring podcasts (and headphones) that cater to my interests that I don’t have access to while traveling, like weightlifting or hometown current events.

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