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An Amateur Beer Photo Shoot

I love beer, but I don’t always love beer photography. My own or other people’s. I got so fed up with the same few boring photos (again, even mine) that when Bill and Nicky finally convinced me almost a year ago I needed to have an Untappd account, I quickly made a rule that my photos would mostly not be of beer. It keeps me entertained to have a slightly surreal account, and I like to think it keeps my followers entertained.

However, that’s not going to cut it for blogging. A photo of a candle through a water glass is fine and fun for something quick like Untappd, but is actively not helpful for a blog post. And while I think most of my photos for the beer section of MetaCookbook are well-suited to the post they’re each in, I have to admit I took some extra steps for the most recent post, If I Ruled the Thanksgiving Beer Fridge, and I’m glad I did. But here’s what getting these three photos took.

The list started as a stepladder, $40, a camera, a beanbag, a bottle of beer, a champagne flute, and a can of beer. It increased to include a couple rolls of paper towels, some collapsible bags, a quart mason jar, a napkin, a kitchen towel, a backpack, a second lens, and a chilled injury pack.

Most of this was for transportation to the places I’d decided to shoot. The backpack, for example, carried everything but the stepladder.

An upside-down champagne flute wrapped in a kitchen towel, stuffed into a quart mason jar.

Gotta keep the glassware safe. And I don’t currently own a stange, leaving me to the champagne flute. My father-in-law was dismayed at this.

A can of Anderson Valley Brewing Company's Blood Orange Gose on the left hand side of an Ace cold pack.

The lunch beer’s got to stay cold, man.

A 40mm Canon lens in a small pouch in a blue and grey backpack.

The “pancake” lens Bill got me for my birthday last year. I love it, and it shoots so nicely. Especially for food and beer.

A Trek-Tech MagBag 2 with ground liner and one of the two mounts it comes with.

The “beanbag” was actually my MagBag 2 which I have used and abused since 2009 and I cannot sing the praises of highly enough. It’s a good way to stabilize a camera to turn anything into a “tripod”. Like, say, a stepladder.

A close-up of my magbag on top of a stepladder outside near a picnic table. I used it as a stabilizing force a lot for this shoot.

But that’s not why I needed the stepladder. I needed the stepladder because I had to climb upward. Because I wanted the following shot:

A bottle of Gillian in the crook of a tree, placed there by yours truly using the stepladder referenced repeatedly in this post.

I had to use a stepladder.

A stepladder in the almost-mud at the foot of a tree.

And so what sounded like “a heist movie waiting to happen” was actually a beer photo shoot.

And then lunch, with more photos taken. Because lunch is not only delicious, it is necessary.

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