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Checking In

It’s been about three months since I launched this blog. Sometimes it makes me laugh (usually at myself) and a few times it’s been rather interesting or useful.

But, the other day my dad asked, “Why did you start that other blog?” And I understood why he was asking.

This isn’t a prelude to closing Getting Ready to Go down, let me be clear about that. I do believe there’s interesting stuff here. It is, however, acknowledging that this blog hasn’t hit its stride, and maybe that’s because I’m not sure what to do. I suspect this hasn’t been the clearest or easiest blog to get into and I know it’s occasionally a challenge for me to write.

A giant orange flower. Because it makes me happy. Much like blogging. But it needs care. Also similar to blogging.

The answer to my dad’s question is that the blog seemed like a fun idea that would also allow useful recommendations1. What I said on the about page regarding having an old URL lying around and substantial regret about the dog shoes/booties I purchased is totally true. I wanted a place to record recommendations on making life easier, while also documenting what it takes to get from one place to another. Both for me and for others, hence the permanent guest post request. And, frankly, I have a dream of being able to ask awesome people like my friend and former lab mate, Anna, what it takes to go on months of field work to vaccinate dogs or similar stuff. Though, I’ll be honest, that seemed and seems like something that’s in the distant future. Something for when this blog is a bit more awesome itself.

When I started MetaCookbook, I made the decision to ignore Google Analytics for a long time, because I was afraid I wasn’t going to write authentically if I was too obsessed with what made people tick. I think that was the right choice. At least for me, on that blog, at that time. But now, on this blog, I think I need to go the exact opposite way. This blog is, in many ways, even more about connecting with folks than MetaCookbook is (color me surprised at realizing that). Thus, not only am I going to be paying a lot more attention to metrics, I figure today’s as good a day as any to ask directly.

So, I’m wondering what you guys, my readers think. What would improve the experience for you? What have you liked or disliked? Is there a post you kinda liked, but would have questions about?

Most importantly, do you have a post that you would love to read? Something that’d be super useful or just incredibly exciting? (Again, mine’s to ask Anna to share what getting ready to go to Tanzania for months to vaccinate hundreds of dogs looks like.)

Thank you so much.

1 My friend Araina has pointed out that it would be helpful to have a place where all of said recommendations are listed at once. I will be working on that this weekend, and will update this post accordingly.

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