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Home Again, Home Again!

Yesterday I realized that, though I discuss transitions at least twice in the first three pages and posts to this blog, I haven’t given enough thought to the word. What “transitions” actually exist. It’s all been about leaving. I haven’t documented transitioning back to home.

I realized this because I was tucking my beer in for the ride home, and I am sure this is totally normal behavior. So I took a picture. Which is also a totally normal thing to do, I’m sure.

Ok, this isn’t actually even normal behavior for me. But that’s only because I rarely buy a mixed case of beer, so I can usually put the six pack I buy in the shade behind the driver’s seat. I bought a mixed case of beer because I am studying and I need to have a good sense of what a lot of different beer styles taste like.

I do want to experiment with yucky beer for the exam, but I want to do that intentionally. And some of these bottles aren’t brown. So, to avoid ruining the beer, I had to keep it shielded from light.

“Aha!” You say, “But what about heat? That’s a black hoodie you tucked it in with!”

Good point! Heat does increase oxidation. But that’s a much slower process.

And I sought out shade at my next destination. And left the windows cracked. It was fairly cool in the shade.

Car in shade.
Slightly open window. Good for air circulation. Not as good as it good be, but that was gonna lead to beer and/or car theft.

My final destination between the beer shop and home was the grocery store. I deliberately chose the store with underground parking. I’m sure you can guess why.

Underground parking garages are kind of boring looking.

That said, the trickiest part of all was getting the beer and the groceries home from the car lot. For this, I use a cart. But, I admit, I was disappointed to discover my cart does NOT hold a case of beer. Of course, since I almost never buy a full case, this need didn’t cross my mind when I purchased it. Luckily, I had a solution.

The beer is, yes, precariously perched upon the top of the full cart. It's a more careful perching than it looks.

I tucked it in again.

A hoodie draped fully over a precariously perched case of beer. Nothing's skunking on MY watch.

And I have no regrets about my choice to do so. That sun was wholly unavoidable.

Sun beating down on a hoodie draped over a precariously perched case of beer.

But, I will admit one thing to you guys. I took all these pictures because I found the whole thing vaguely hysterical. Who tucks their beer in for a drive? Who parks carefully in the shade over beer?

Someone with only three weeks left before their Certified Cicerone® exam, that’s who. I don’t know if I’m ridiculous or reasonable anymore…


  1. Jen

    Excuse me, but you’re not allowed to show us only the teeniest tantalizing glimpse of what is obviously an adorable and wonderful sweatshirt design. Does it say RAWR? If it does, why don’t I have one yet?

    • Tasha

      It does say RAWR! It was a gift from Bill, so you’ll have to ask him where he got it. I love it.

      Actually, some stranger the other day very politely & not-creepily asked if he could take a photo of the cute “RAWR” back so he could try to find one for his wife. So, clearly, this is popular business.

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