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Retrospective: Getting Ready to Move

You guys have already seen some of what it took to get Bill and me ready to move to Portland, Oregon. Then, moving ate my life, leaving me without time and energy to post here. But, it turns out, the photos of the process document it perfectly.

Joy in a Box; a special case of beer

First, pick up some joy in a box.

Kiki is fucking delighted to be in the car. Happy seems to appreciate his little bed.

Keep practicing car riding with the dogs.

Fill a Route 66 flask with geographically appropriate whiskey (Koval Bourbon), then promptly forget to pack it.

Fill a flask with geographically appropriate whiskey, then promptly forget to pack it.

A fortune from a fortune cookie reading,

Find reassurance in the oddest places.

And see the Sears Tower in it. Miss it before I've even left.

Find a moment to look in a rear-view mirror.

This isn't quite all of my co-workers, but it's most of them. They rule.

Go to the last day of work and share the best beers with the best people.

Some delightful black tea. The leaves unfurl beautifully.

Make some tea even though there’s no strainer at work anymore.

Turns out the box didn't fit in the car, even without all the added stuff.

Try to take my boss & very good friend with me.

A few twenties stuck in a silver money clip set with turquiose. One of two things I inherited from him. It seemed appropriate for the journey.

Gather “just in case” cash in the money clip inherited from my grandfather. Then stash it far from the wallet.

A cooler. A  buttload of boxes. A beer in a not-quite-Solo cup. Orange carpeting with white polka dots.

Organize the stuff that’s riding with me & the dogs while drinking a beer that just couldn’t fit in the luggage.

They make shark & whale stickers for car cargo containers. THIS IS AMAZING.

Make sure “The Shark” is actually a shark.

Poor dogs. They're in the car, but have no idea what's coming.

Give Bill one more chance to pet pups before we all leave.

A map to Lincoln, Nebraska from Chicago, IL. This was my guidance; Lincoln was the first stop of the drive.

Get the fuck on the road.


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