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Not Packing, But Not Not Packing

So, moving day is almost here. And we’re not packing, the movers are packing. This is GREAT. But it’s also a bit overwhelming, honestly. For the last couple of weeks, I couldn’t even wrap my brain around what to do, unless it was really obvious (get the car in for the body work needed due to a company here in Chicago accidentally damaging it, for example).

Sunday, I finally caught my groove. Started getting things together, started being more with it on what I need to do and what Bill and I both will need to do once he’s back for a short time. Like, two days in total before the packing crew arrives.


Piles of boxes and other things that need to be sorted before the 27th of August.

This is a microcosm of everything I need to get done. I have books, gifts, and more to ship to friends and family members. Saturday is likely to be my big shipping day, because hopefully I will have my car back by then. I have things to donate. I have things I have to remember whether they’re designated “donate” or not. I have things to put back in the appropriate boxes (the menorah, dreidels, and candles definitely should find their way back into the “holidays” boxes).

A menorah, three dreidals, and an ice scraper. I'm probably not keeping the scraper.

I have to figure out donations; this ice scraper is likely one of them. I asked on twitter if I was going to need it. The answer seemed to be that I’d need SOMETHING to scrape ice off a windshield, but not something enormous. But I should keep my winter coat in case I decided I want to go play on a glacier. Which, I admit, sounds pretty bad-ass.

Anyway, my biggest conundrum right now is our extra freezer. It needs to stay in Chicago with a household who will love it. And so after I post this, it’s going on Craigslist. I’d hoped some buddies would be interested, but alas. It’s an awesome, big but not huge freezer. Someone will love it.

A very full freezer. It's not nearly so full anymore.

The soon-to-be biggest conundrum will be what to make sure the movers do NOT take, because I’ll need it for the drive or Bill and I will need it before the movers arrive and the unpacking is done. That’s been a hard one for me, because most of it seems pretty much like, “Wellll…. we probably just need clothing, right?”

It helps that Bill’s been living there for a bit already, so we have some sense of what we’ll need to take/send. Like, how did we forget to send him towels? We’ll make sure to pack some of those as he heads back. And I’ll still take your advice on what I should have on the drive. Or will want to drive because I’ll want it right away, but it’ll be too heavy to send with Bill. (I’m thinking our air mattress, for example.)

The other thing I know I’ll need? Books. Very specific books.

I have some studying to do. Kiki needs more training in her life, if only to stimulate her little brain1, and I desperately need to know as much as I possibly can about beer by 15 October 2015.2

1 No one ever tell her we moved to a city where she could have had her own pet ducks, chickens, and goats to herd, okay?

2 If you’re curious, the books are everything I could get my hands on from The Certified Cicerone Program, as well as The Oxford Companion to beer, Love Has No Age Limits and Ruff Love. The last one was a gift from my mom, who says it’s been recommended to her several times. Please note all these links are affiliate links.

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