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Blogging Highs and Personal Lows

How do I plan to leave the house for one of the coolest blogging-related opportunities I’ve ever had knowing it’d be immediately followed by a trip to the funeral home to pay respects to a friend I just lost?

In my case, the biggest problem was clothing. Maybe it wasn’t really a problem, but it was totally a problem.

The blogging-related opportunity was an invitation to join four other people on a beer-tasting panel for All About Beer Magazine. Tasting beers, and giving my thoughts on it? This is something I could do, and I enjoyed the heck out of yesterday.

A glass of some sort of pale beer on top of All About Beer Magazine's logo.

But I had long ago decided what to wear to the tasting, and I sure as hell didn’t want to wear the same thing to the funeral home. Even if beer adventures were part of the ties I had to my lost friend, I couldn’t bring myself to be that casual. Nor, frankly, that optimistic and joyful as I went to see him off. I considered wearing the funeral garb to the tasting, but not only was that too somber (and hot), I was sure I was going to be distracted if I thought about why I was even a little dressed up. Distraction was going to lead to crying, and crying wasn’t going to lead anywhere good.

The answer ended up being the t-shirt about adventure I’d planned on, a hanger carrying a button-down shirt until it was time to switch, and a camisole to keep it all together.

A folded t-shirt that says

Adventure is out there. And I wish I could share more adventures, beer or otherwise, with my pal. But since he’s gone now, I pay my respects and will remember him fondly with a toast to the joy and sense of adventure he brought to me and others.

Three men in hard hats, holding beers. One in safety goggles. One has since passed away, and the rest of us are pretty devastated.

I hugged two of these men while we paid our respects to the third. We miss him.

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