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I Need Moving Help, Please.

I’ve mentioned previously that Bill and I are moving. Bill’s already gone. I miss him a lot.

But that’s not the part I need help with. The part I need help with is some fuzzbutts and travel.

Kiki asleep and Happy looking out the window as we drive around. Practicing for the big drive ahead.

They were getting car practice.

So, the good things:

  • I probably don’t have to pack us
  • I don’t have to drive a moving van
  • I’m going to have company for driving the car
  • The fuzzbutts, my company, & I have places to stay for three of the four nights of travel
  • It’ll be over with soon

Bad things:

  • One pup occasionally gets carsick
  • I have nearly no idea how to prepare for this move

Really, it’s that last point pushing me to turn to you guys. It’s been nearly eight years since my last long-distance move, and I wasn’t moving any pets at that time. Further, it wasn’t four nights on the road. Finally, I had all my stuff with me. I’ve never moved without all my stuff with me.

Bill will have already settled into our new home a little. His family out there has said they can loan us a few pots, pans, plates, etc. But it’ll be pretty barren until the truck arrives. And Labor Day is the weekend the truck should arrive, if all goes according to plan. Except it’s Labor Day weekend, so it actually will not.

So, in this one, I turn to you guys. What should I make sure is in the car with me, my company, and the fuzzbutts? I drive a Subaru Impreza hatchback, and I have one of those cargo containers on top. I know I need clothing, toiletries, meds, dog crates, and dog food.

What else do I need to take? Is there anything Bill should be sure to purchase once he gets into our new place?


  1. First thing that comes to mind is to bring a spare of anything that would be immediately super stressful not to have (e.g., when walking the pooches, you discover you left behind a leash in a hotel room 200 miles back; a dog’s collar breaks). Many things can be picked up or replaced along the way, of course, so I’d limit this to specifically things that would be a huge pain point in the moment.

    My other, contradictory, impulse would be to bring as little as possible. Stuffing things in and out of the car, schlepping them to the hotel room every night is just extra fuss and more trips back and forth. So, minimize what you’re toting and try to pack in such a way you can manage multiple things (e.g., a backpack of clothes is easier to manage with a dog than a suitcase).

    • Tasha

      A spare leash/collar combo is an amazing idea and I swear to you I would not have thought of it. Thank you.

      I’m definitely wanting to minimize schlepping, though I hadn’t thought through things like “clothing in backpack.” I appreciate it, a lot.

  2. Marielle

    Last time I moved, I was the first one to the house and found I needed things like a bath towel, a teensy bit of cleaning stuff and paper towels because you never know if you’re going to immediately need to clean something off when you get there, and either disposable or cheap and replaceable plates and cups- maybe just one for each of you that you can keep washing if for some reason the truck hits delays or something.

    I second the backpack with the dogs. Perfect idea. And just jeans and a few shirts you can switch in and out in there along with maybe a shampoo bar and your netbook, so you aren’t taking tons of stuff in and out of hotels and whatnot.

    So what angelique said and then a few things for the actual house.

    Oh. Little doggie water bowls for the car, and fill them at rest stops or fast food places. 🙂

  3. Mel

    Well, when I moved from MO to NM, I had the two cats (and Logan gets carsick also). I only had one night’s stay, but I also had a ton of “necessities” since I had no idea when my movers would bring my things either. So I’d say bring old sheets and towels to cover/pad up/clean up the car and pitch if need be.

    Otherwise, I totally second minimization. Since I did have lots more of my valuables, schlepping the cats into the hotel plus the computer tower and my bike was a process.

    I haven’t mentioned it lately, but I’m excited for you and your move!

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