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What Am I Doing Here?


Welcome to Getting Ready to Go. I’m calling this my second blog, though it’s really another in a list of many I’ve kept over the years. Most have been lost to the winds of the Internet (Oh, Internet), but the most recent finally took. It’s MetaCookbook, and I have run it for five years. As of today!

Yes, my present to myself for five years of hard blogging work was… more blogging work. 🙂

Bill at SeaTac airport. He's very put upon as we get ready to go to San Francisco. Not because we're going, but because I always take pictures of him. That's what he gets for being so loveable.

Bill at SeaTac airport. He’s very suspicious of this “more blogging work” thing.

So, Getting Ready to Go is my second blog! I’m excited. My plan for this space is to explore the transitions in time making up much of life. What transitions? Well, the blog name might make it obvious, but in case not, these transitions are everything from the small “getting ready to walk the dogs” and the big “leaving for a three week trip.1” Were we to move, it would show what preparing for that looks like. It will feature a selection of photos and explanations of each piece in the photo(s). In the process, I’ll make recommendations for useful travel and/or transition-related objects.

I’m a little nervous about starting a second blog, I have to be honest. I know what I want to do, but like any artist I wonder:

Can I perfectly translate what’s in my head to this medium?

No. Let’s just get that out of the way now. No. No one ever can. But it’s also true that it’s useless if I keep it “perfect” in my head. So out it comes, in all its messiness. I truly believe there’s fun and usefulness in this idea, even if I cannot reach into my head and toss it onto the Internet precisely. The good news is that I’ll use every lesson I learned from MetaCookbook to make Getting Ready to Go better as a new blog than MetaCookbook was.2

I plan to update once a week, on Wednesdays. (Today was launch day, so I’ll have a post on Wednesday too.) I would love guest posters! All are welcome and encouraged3. My standard writing style is verbose, but at least some posts will be quite short.

I hope you’ll enjoy the journey that’s Getting Ready to Go.

These three plastic guys I found out in the world, two starfish and one octopus, remind me that sometimes going on the journey leads you to fun discoveries.

These three plastic guys I found out in the world remind me that sometimes going on the journey leads you to fun discoveries.

1 Which, yes, I am on as I launch this blog. Holy moly.

2 Example number one is launching this blog on MetaCookbook’s anniversary, so I only have to remember one “blogiversary” in the future. Example number two is this rocking footnote style.

3 I have three lined up already, I think. I hope!


  1. Jen


    Congrats on a new start with a new wonderful idea. I’m very much looking forward to reading about getting ready – it’s not something we usually hear much about and I’m interested to see how the preparations for a certain kind of outing/event change as the circumstances do. I’m sure getting ready for a dog walk is vastly different depending on whether it’s a hot July evening or a January afternoon after a big snowfall.

    • Tasha

      Thank you, Jen!

      And, yeah, it’s really true about dog walks (and everything else). It’s a really fascinating set of differences.

      Anyway, I hope this blog is fun and thought-provoking.

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